The Madrid prosecutor’s office is investigating all the racist chants towards Vinicius


He has opened proceedings in response to a complaint filed by the Movement Against Intolerance, asking to “analyze the recordings of these events in order to identify the people who have expressed insults” outside and within the Metropolitan.

Madrid’s Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into racist remarks against Vinicius “which were heard both outside and inside the Metropolitan” before and during the derby played last Sunday.

In the investigation procedure, opened following a complaint lodged by the Movement Against Intolerance, the Public Prosecution Service is demanding that the police “analyze the recordings of these events in order to identify the people who have used racist insults and, where necessary, you if these people have any affiliation with violent groups or movements of extremist ideology or if they have also been identified in another set of incidents or offenses of a similar nature.

At the same time, he asks the police to “verify if more episodes of racist undertones were repeated in the stadium against a particular Real Madrid player.” Likewise, it requests information from Atlético de Madrid’s security services that can help clarify the facts, as well as the arbitration report of the match. In principle, the Public Prosecution Service tries to determine whether a crime has been committed that is related to the exercise of fundamental rights and public freedoms.

Before the game, near the Metropolitan, at least fifty ultras of the rojiblanco team shouted “You are a monkey, Vinicius, you are a monkey!”, and in the stadium the members of the Athletic Front shouted “Vinicius die! ” .

Source: La Verdad


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