“Carrasco? You have to have the ball to kick the penalty”


After a draw that tasted defeat, Rodrigo de Paul brought out his most optimistic side to look to the future. Although he admits that he will have trouble sleeping after the chaos, he promises that good moments will come this campaign to the rojiblanco team.

Feelings after defeat

“It is difficult, very difficult. It’s true that we live like this. In a second you can have the best night of all, here which is very difficult. You are not used to it but this is the dynamic in which football is lived. The passion with which we live it. Tonight it is difficult to sleep, but tomorrow we have to think about Cádiz, we are Atlético de Madrid and we have to compete every day”.

next goals

“Now we have to think about what’s to come, that the League is very competitive and it’s not easy to get there. We’ve been to a lot of fields and we’ve given our faces, in very difficult fields. For now, it’s true that the everyone is a team, we also have to lead we are very excited to get through and we can’t, but this team knows how to get back up after moments of difficulty and we will do it because we have a great group, we have a great body coach, and above all, once again it was shown that the people of Atlético de Madrid are great, so I think we will all rise together. This is just the beginning and we will have a very good end of the year”.

Carrasco’s penalty

“It’s not Yannick’s fault. You have to have balls to kick the penalty.”

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Source: La Verdad


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