Alonso exploded on the radio after two touches by Ocon


Alonso exploded on the radio after two touches by Ocon

More fuel to the fire. In the penultimate round of the season, Fernando Alonso destroyed his teammate, Esteban Ocon, for a double touch on the Frenchman in the first laps of the sprint race of the Brazilian F1 GP.

The Spaniard tried to pass his teammate on the outside of turn 4 on the first lap, but Esteban went wide and left Fernando with no space, who was on the verge of losing his car on the curbs. Alonso’s car hit him hard and the Spaniard grabbed Esteban’s right sidepod with the left front wheel. He managed to stay on track and tried to slipstream on the main straight. But in the curve that is tracked completely before the straight, with the Spaniard clinging to Esteban, both held and the Spaniard lost his front wing. So he moved to the last place, because he had to go to the pits to put a new wing. And that, in a sprint race of just 24 laps, without anyone stopping, is synonymous with finishing last and starting in that position in Sunday’s race.

Fernando Alonso did not like the defense of Ocon, who had already defended himself by exceeding the limit in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the course. Because of this, Fernando exploded on the radio. “I lost my front wing thanks to our friend,” he said softly, then complained louder: “He pushed me in Turn 4. And he finally pushed me on the straight too. Well done!”

Source: La Verdad


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