Toto Wolff’s strong opinion on Binotto


The main body of the Mercedes group, Toto Wolff, confirmed in the latest podcast of the official Formula 1 website ‘Beyond de Grid’ that the outgoing Ferrari team principal, Mattia Binotto, has lasted in the position longer than expected while ensuring that he will not open any door for the Italian manager.

“It was always clear that he was under a lot of pressure. As a team principal at Ferrari, you better have a good contract for your departure,” Wolff said.

“Now the inevitable probably happened, but he stuck to the job longer than he thought,” admitted the Austrian.

Binotto, a lifelong Ferrari man, will leave Maranello at the end of December after handing in his resignation in November. He was appointed team manager in January 2019, but left with Ferrari without having contributed to its first drivers’ title since 2007 with Raikkonen and the constructors’ title since 2008.

In the past, Mercedes has acquired the services of people from Maranello such as former technical director Aldo Costa, who joined in 2014 and helped design a series of Silver Arrow-winning cars, before leaving at the end of 2019, or James Allison, who came from Ferrari technical director in 2016 towards the same role at Mercedes in 2017. When asked if Binotto could be a new signing for Brackley, Wolff decided there was a vacancy for him in

“No, I think too much porcelain has been broken between us in the last two years for this to be possible. With other teams, I can’t say. But Mattia definitely understands Formula One inside out and he might find a role in another place. equipment.”

Wolff, who admitted he would have found the job tempting if Ferrari had contacted him before Mercedes, said the role was about more than just Formula One.

“It’s a niche where the sport, the regulations, the governing body, the commercial rights holder, the competitors, we’re all basically locked in this cage of the paddock. You have to be politically astute. ,” he says.

“You can be a great race manager and not understand anything going on commercially or in the outside world.

Source: La Verdad


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