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Guardiola gave a monumental review to Real Madrid yesterday ancelotti for City to qualify for the Champions League finals. It was one of the best games for his team since he arrived in Manchester in 2016. But more than what happened on the field, above all it was a victory that reaffirmed an idea. One way to do it. A very specific bet that has had continuity over time, necessary for a project to work.

The tendency to compare City to PSG is repeated because it is absurd. Despite the fact that both clubs have the financial support of two Gulf states such as Abu Dhabi and Qatar, what was built in one place or another has nothing to do with it. Guardiola has led the English team to excellence by adjusting the details each season, while al khelaifi It did not provide stability to a PSG that was still not competitive in Europe.

Last night was not just a prize for a City who are chasing the Champions League after losing the 2021 final. It was also a conquest for Abu Dhabi in Qatar, which made its investment more profitable. In the north of England no one questions the affairs of the estate while in the French capital it is common to complain to the leadership, accused of not knowing how to live it.

At Etihad, people know what’s at stake for seven years, when Guardiola He then assured that he would die with his ideas. One from Santpedor gave the story to the City. At PSG there was no such figure because no one had enough time to work: Carlo Ancelotti, Laurent Blanc, Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino and now Christopher Galtier They find themselves in a club ruled by chaos.

Guardiola He thought yesterday about the difference between winning and losing in the Champions League: “Do I judge my footballers for a small detail, for a toss-up? The important thing is to be every season in the final qualifying rounds. That is what makes a great club”, he said after discussing Real Madrid. Except for 2020, PSG has always been a few years away from being a reference in Europe because it has always lacked regularity.

The privileged situation in which City and PSG compete in relation to the other is undeniable as is the fact that one knows how to manage its own resources and the other does not. There is a big difference between spending well and spending badly and that is exactly what the success of the Manchester team and the failure of the Parisians have marked. City are one step away from winning the Champions League, a dream that seems unattainable for PSG.

Source: La Verdad


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