This is how the Metropolitan wishes a “Red and White Christmas” to everyone


He Atlético de Madrid He played his last game of the year on December 23, the day before Christmas Eve. A great day to wish everyone “Red and white Christmas”.

Because of this they took advantage of the fight against Seville put a hat on each chair. Santa Claus so that all fans can put on the hat during the game. It was a great initiative by the club to make the stands more red and white than usual.

It was also possible to feel that the arrival of Santa Claus was closer as a few minutes before the start of the match the fans showed an impressive banner that read “Red and white Christmas“. A banner they accompanied with a special song.

Around the Metropolitan It is now possible to see a stand where anyone can take a photo with the motto “Red and White Christmas”, while a ‘deejay’ played Christmas carols.

Source: La Verdad


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