Ada Hegerberg has a case against FIFA


Ada Hegerberg was charged against FIFA. The Norwegian international from Olympique de Lyon lamented, in his column in ‘The Guardian’, that an international day was planned for mid-July. “Sometimes this football world still manages to surprise me, it’s disappointing,” he said.

“I was surprised when I saw the 2024 international match schedule, and I’m not the only one. 2022 and then the World Cup in 2023. This year it’s the Olympic Games again, so to see a window of FIFA matches in the middle of July was disappointing, to say the least,” he wrote.

“Obviously, there are teams that will compete in the Olympics, but not all of us. Many saw this summer as a summer of rest for our bodies and minds. But it’s not.

Much has been said about the intensity of the schedule and its effect on the players, who are not given enough environment for the demands of so many games, but here we are, ready to play between 50 and 60 games. It will be played every month of the year. The decision making is concerning to say the least.”

Hegerberg, winner of a Ballon d’Or, has suffered many battles: “I have not suffered injuries throughout my career, year after year, winning trophies and playing at my highest level of quality. But in years ago I was unlucky with a stress fracture that affected my body. Very few people know or understand the extent of this injury, what caused it and if it will affect me long term. However, despite this , I was labeled as ‘prone to injury’.

And he ends: “This period of injury is behind me. I’m tired of being labeled. There is always a warning that ‘it won’t last’ because of my form, but I stopped putting energy into answering these questions and all the players “So should they.”

Source: La Verdad


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