Maidstone’s miracle continues: A sixth tier team to make it to the round of 16 of the FA CUP!


He Maidstone United is in the round of 16 of FA CUP after losing Ipswich. This is not just any achievement, it is a miracle. It was a team from the English sixth division, which defeated a team from the second division. As many as 97 teams separate them, as Maidstone are fourth in the sixth division and Ipswich second in the Championship.

The oldest tournament in the world once again left its magic and gave another one of those stories that will be lost in eternity. Far from home, at home in Ipswich, joined by more than 4,000 fansthey took the lead before the end of the first half. Lamar Reynolds, scorer of the goal, came to the area after the counterattack and with definition on the crossbar, scored 0-1. Meaning of crack.

At 56 Jeremy Sarmiento He set the tables and seemed to be starting when the dream ended. Nothing could be further from reality. The minutes ticked by, the electronic didn’t move and with another counterplay, there were ten minutes left Sam Corne score the final 1-2.

Ipswich tried to equalize and had chances to do so, but history was written. Football is amazing, capable of miracles that cannot happen in any other sport. Maidstone are in the round of 16.

Source: La Verdad


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