Why was Croatia’s penalty not recovered?


Why was Croatia’s penalty not recovered?

One of the pictures of Spain-Croatia It happened during the Croatian team’s penalty shot. A maximum penalty as a result of the demolition of Rodri within the area and where the referee Michael Oliver does not kick the player out of City of Manchester because he understood that, although it was a clear scoring opportunity, the English referee understood that the Spanish midfielder was fighting for the ball. And it was only punished by yellow.

But also in the subsequent throw the goalkeeper of Athletic Bilbao guessed the shot Petkovic. But he took advantage of the rejection Perisic to leave it again to the Croatian striker, who ended up scoring.

At that time you received the review notice from VAR room Where is the English referee? Stuart Attwell. Analysis that ended up canceling the goal of Croatia. Decision protected by regulations of IFAB about taking punishments. It clarifies that when in the shot of a maximum penalty the attacker enters the area first and the shot also misses, it must be continued with an indirect shot. And this is what happened, because Petkovic He misses the eleven meter shot and eventually, he takes advantage of it Perisic He entered the area before the penalty kick, when the action ended in a goal.

Yes Petkovic would have scored a shot, that is when the hit should have been repeated. In the case of defenders, if they enter first and the action ends in a goal for the opponent, it is considered valid. If the defender goes in and does not score the penalty, it must be repeated again. If the defender and attacker are ahead of the shot, it is repeated if the shot goes in or the hit does not end in a goal.

Source: La Verdad


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