Society is “shattered” as a talented soccer player dies suddenly


The GAA community has been “devastated” after a young Sligo player and former Australian baseball player died suddenly in Dublin on Friday.

Red Ogg Murphy, of South Sligo Cory, was a talented and famous player who played for the Sligo County team and their local club, the GAA Curry.

The 21-year-old attended elementary school in DCU, Dublin, and played on the GAA University team.

The news of his sudden death caused a shock wave in the local community.

Sligo County Council member Martin Connolly, who was also his neighbour, told the Irish Mirror the local community was “shattered” and “speechless” by Red Og’s tragic death and was reunited to support his family.

“The community here is destroyed,” he said. “Carrie’s parish in Sligo, the parish where he was playing, the community is totally devastated.

I said the word without saying a word, people walking in confusion, not knowing what happened.

“Our sympathy is what we can do to show sympathy to her father and mother, Geraldine and Redmond, and her two brothers.

“The community has been meeting here for a long time. There are ten or 15 people in the middle of the community, cleaning up and preparing for the events that will happen in the next couple of days.”

Mr. Connolly added, “He was a very respectable young man in this parish. The world was thinking of him.”

“The boys and girls here at Mululog National School, where he went to school, were really looking at that boy.

“Everyone is feeling very shocked and sad for the family and the community. This is a wonderful community here, taking care of the family.”

Red Ogg played Australian bases in north Melbourne for eight months in 2019, before returning to Ireland the same year.

He is a former student of St. Atratra Community School on Tuberculosis where he graduated.

Funeral modalities are not yet known.

In honor of a young online GAA player, people are heartbroken by the loss of a young life.

One man wrote: “Rip Young is so sad that his family and friends are crying at this sad time.”

Another wrote: “Dreadful news. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Rest in peace.”

A third added, “So sad. My heartfelt condolences to his appalled family and friends. May the Red Ogg be at peace.”

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Source: Belfastlive


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