Entrenched for months – the confused worldview of the Reichsburger in the cellar


He settled down with six children, did research on the spot after Falco’s death and wrote books with critical ideas.

That someone with six children – including a baby – hides and barricades for fear of the end times in a Weinviertel cellar near Hadres (Lower Austria) is in itself more than surprising. As reported, the police arrested the suspected Rijksburger (the presumption of innocence applies) after he attacked district officials with pepper spray. A long gun from the Third Reich was found in the basement.

If you look at the biography of the 54-year-old, a lot becomes clear. About 30 years ago he lived in Lower Austria in the apartment of an acquaintance. At that time he is said to have been the father of six children, who are now adults.

Born in Austria, the talented photographer eventually settled in the Dominican Republic after a stay in Germany and England. There, in February 1998, he learned of Falco’s terrible accidental death. That’s why he did an investigation at the scene of the accident, with doctors and witnesses. And also presented his results to the “Krone”. He then worked on his own Falco musical.

For a long time, the intelligent and literary pursuit worked as an author. After all, he succeeded in publishing a dozen works: books in which critics want to acknowledge Nazi ideas. Back in Austria, the “literate” bought several wine cellars near Hadres. Apparently, as it turned out, so that he could live hidden underground with his partner (40) and six children.

Stage name to distance yourself from grandpa?
And to hide his likely incriminating family line, he chose a stage name many years ago – so no one would find out that his grandfather was a real Nazi great in the Third Reich.

Source: Krone


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