Thanks to the robot skeleton, the construction shredder of the future has “super powers”


They are neither green nor bright, but they have immense power. There are now a lot of superhero insults taking place on the construction sites of Hartl Haus that almost no one can resist. Why? Because the professionals there not only work with professional tools, but also with exoskeletons. What this does and how it works (see also video above).

“You almost don’t feel it at all,” says Hartl Haus employee Bernhard Kohlbauer as he puts on the exoskeleton to work with the mechanical support structure at Raphael Garschall’s Zwettl construction site. It’s not the first time for the muscular prefab home builder, but it’s still very unusual for him to work with the device on his body.

“And then you have superpowers,” one of the many spectators interjected during the presentation. “Something like that. You just can’t fly,” laugh Kohlbauer and his colleague Benjamin Huber – “even though it seems that way,” they show a sense of humor. But then Kohlbauer becomes more serious and reveals his first personal experiences.

Source: Krone


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