The bishops sign the person in charge of the investigation in the Portuguese Church as their anti-violence audit advisor


Before the leadership of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (Omela, Osorro and Arguello) travels to Rome, where on Thursday Pope Francis will deliver a speech on the fight against violence in the church and the demands of the victims. And among its members, as El País has promoted and can confirm, is Pedro Strecht, who is responsible for the investigation into the Portuguese Church.

The firm, through its president, Javier Cremades, will announce the names of 18 members of the commission, as well as the work done since the agreement was presented on January 22 (although the contract has not yet been published). As promised that day) with the President of the Episcopal Conference, Juan Jose Omela. Javier Cremedes will also have attorneys Martin Push and Ulrich Westley, from the office conducting the investigation in Munich.

The Spanish investigation will have much more to do with German than French, as the bishops want to avoid projecting data that could lead to a scandalous figure. If the estimated number of victims in secular France exceeds 330,000, the prognosis of “Catholic” (at least in Franco’s time) Spain may be higher, so the model will not conduct a thorough investigation.

By the way, the French bishops are discussing the severity of the victims’ compensation this week (in January they set up a fund to pay at least € 20 million in survivors), which is our church at the moment. country. Virtually every victim association, for its part, has already refused to participate in the Cremades audit. This, in fact, will be one of the requests that the Spanish bishops address to the Pope this Thursday.

Other members of the Commission

They will also be joined by Patricia Lee Refo, former president of the American Bar Association; Carolina Marin Pedreno, British firm from Dawson Cornwell; Katarina Miller, President of the European Women Lawyers Association; Juan Carlos Gutierrez, a Venezuelan lawyer from the Cremades office; M. Velasquez, American firm Paul Weiss; Costa Rican psychologist Marina Penia; Or Juan Pablo Gallego, an Argentine lawyer who led a lawsuit against the priest Julio Cesar Grass. Along with them, the Cremades team itself, which coordinates the development of digital religion, is the former president of the ACdP (Catholic Association of Propagandists) and secretary general of the Educatio Servanda Foundation (an ultra-Catholic institution segregated by gender). , Alfredo Dagnino.

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Source: El Diario


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