‘Clean’ plus in the KV cleaning sector: 8.56 percent more wages


Now there is also a KV agreement for 2023 in the cleaning industry. Wages will increase by an average of 8.56 percent on 1 January. In hospital cleaning, the wage increase including infection surcharge is 9.55 percent, the services union vida announced on Thursday. The gross minimum wage is now 1832 euros.

“After four very challenging rounds of negotiations, a successful conclusion was reached at the last minute for the colleagues in monument, facade and building cleaning,” said Monika Rosensteiner, vida’s head of negotiation, with relief. Some 50,000 employees are involved in the KV agreement, more than 70 percent of whom are women.

Rosensteiner highlighted the agreement in the hospital sector in particular: “The pandemic has demonstrated the high risk of infection to which hospital cleaning colleagues are exposed. It was essential for us to enforce this important requirement.”

Guards also close: plus 10.3 percent
During the KV negotiations on Thursday, an agreement was also reached “at the last minute” about the approximately 15,000 employees in the security industry, vida announced in the morning. Wages will rise by an average of 10.3 percent on 1 January. This means that the one-off payments initially offered by the employer are off the table, which, according to Vida negotiator Gernot Kopp, would have been “a loss for the employees”.

The supplements will also be increased by 6.9 percent from 1 January 2023. Security guards working December 24 and 31 should also receive a 100 percent allowance after noon, instead of the previous 50 percent. The gross minimum wage of 2000 euros must be reached on 1 January 2024, according to the vida broadcast. For employees who need additional training – such as airport security guards – the gross minimum wage is 3,000 euros.

Railroader: Monday we continue
The railway workers, known to have gone on strike on Monday, will continue negotiations next week. Next Monday, representatives of employers and employees will again try to reach agreement on a KV, confirms Hansjörg Miethling of vida. The railway workers demand wage increases of an average of twelve percent and a minimum increase of the KV or the actual wage of 400 euros. The employer representatives had recently offered 8.4 percent or a minimum increase of 208 euros.

Source: Krone


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