“Krone” in Las Vegas – Soon everyone will have their own robot


At the world’s largest electronics fair CES in Las Vegas, high-tech giants competed for the e-mobility of the future. Austrian companies also showed their know-how.

Whether it’s e-cars, household, health or entertainment: at CES in Las Vegas, 3100 exhibitors showed how digitization will change our lives. Among them were ten Austrian companies. For example, MRX Tactics’ reality goggles attracted a lot of attention – you can use them to virtually fly Harry Potter’s magical broom or try out weapons for real missions. And the company Qus showed shirts that guard the heart and lungs. The “Krone” was there, where high-tech giants competed with car manufacturers.

While climate adhesives block our paths, the Nevada desert electronics show was all about an even closer bond between man and vehicle. One of the stars in the glittering American metropolis was the BMW i Vision Dee, a chameleon that can take on 32 different colors. In addition to the talking software, the absence of the usual screens in the cockpit is striking. Instead, the entire windshield becomes a widescreen display.

First VCR and first DVD
A host of innovations have already changed our lives at CES. In 1970, among other things, the first video recorder was introduced and in 1996 the DVD was presented. Now it’s the robots that should make our daily lives easier – from cooking to care.

Samsung smells the roast with its “Bespoke AI Oven”. An interplay between the camera and artificial intelligence ensures that the piece of meat is perfectly browned in the oven. The “Truly Wireless TV” without cables and connections had another entertainment value. The energy is supplied by a special battery. The 55-inch TV sticks to the wall without a bracket using vacuum technology. Your own hand replaces the remote control.

Interview: “Don’t make the same mistakes as with globalization”
Digitization Secretary of State Florian Tursky spoke to the “Krone” about the opportunities of artificial intelligence.

“crown”: Which innovations will have a lasting impact on our lives?
Florian Turksky: I believe that artificial intelligence will help us make decisions. In the future I will say: “Find a flight for tomorrow!” Then I automatically get to see the flight, the hotel and even the rental car. The annoying search on the net is no longer necessary.

Many people fear digitization as a job killer. Is this justified?
A technical revolution has not yet led to fewer jobs. I am aware that artificial intelligence can generate fears. That is also my task and the task of politicians to show what opportunities arise.

Where are the biggest challenges?
Making the semiconductor industry in Austria and Central Europe more independent. If a ship running afoul of the Suez Canal causes local companies to report short-time work, or if we find out that we no longer produce penicillin in Europe, then we have done something wrong. We must not let the same thing happen to us with digitization as with globalisation. All economics will depend on data. The EU way we are going is to protect our data from access from abroad via regulators.

Source: Krone


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