The government is speeding up the environmental permit for 170 renewable projects in extremis


That same Wednesday, the permit term for the construction of these wind and solar installations expired, for which some 200 applications had been submitted

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has approved 170 environmental impact assessments out of a total of 200 dossiers received until this Wednesday for the feasibility and development of various renewable projects. This is the last working day for both the state – and the autonomous communities – to expedite these projects. If it failed to do so, the promoters of these facilities would lose the rights to operate those plants that Red Eléctrica had once granted them.

The Autonomous Communities are the administrations in charge of analyzing the application for an environmental impact statement (DIA) for installations (mainly wind or solar energy) with less than 50 Mw. Above that amount, the responsible is the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Specifically, the set of administrations had about 60,000 megawatts (Mw) on the table for a thousand projects. 20%, about 200, corresponded with the ministry, which has accelerated the procedures to start them up.

Despite this urgency, Third Vice President and Secretary of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, has defended that the “favourable” environmental impact statement (DIA) for renewable projects means that this energy must be deployed “with all guarantees”. as the citizens demand.

Ribera has reported that, pending final data, some of these 170 favorable files are conditional. For their part, only 22 files received an unfavorable declaration and eight were archived for lack of information or correction. Similarly, one promoter withdrew at the last minute and another applied the same Wednesday, after the deadline.

For the minister, achieving this statement allows projects to “strengthen their robustness” and ensure that their environmental impact is minimal.

Regarding the work between the autonomous communities and the government, the minister assured that all administrations were “aware” that the teams destined to carry out this activity were not appropriately sized for the number of projects.

“Some regions have been more flexible and others slower, although all agree that the process needs to be accelerated to ensure a declaration that is essential from a social calm point of view,” he said.

However, he stressed that the technical relationship has been fluid at all times and that the communities have made “a great effort”, despite the fact that it will take some time to have “the last picture”.

Source: La Verdad


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