New KV degrees – These professions will receive a higher salary in 2023/24


Collective bargaining in Austria has not yet been completed for all sectors. It has recently been decided that more wages and salaries will rise due to inflation. The plus is between 8.6 and 16.7 percent if the learning income is taken into account.

About 10,500 employees in the plastics processing industry will earn 9.8 percent more from 1 May. Next year, the gross minimum wage will increase to 2,000 euros. According to a press release from the trade union (ÖGB), apprentice wages will be increased by 20 percent.

It was also decided to increase salaries for employees in private spas and rehabilitation centers. Here the increase from 1 April is 8.6 percent. Night shifts and Sunday and public holiday surcharge are included. The gross minimum wage will also be increased to 2,000 euros gross on 1 October. In addition, full-time employees receive a housing allowance of EUR 1,500 in total, which is paid in monthly installments. There is a pro rata bonus for part-time workers, according to a press release from the GPA trade union.

Higher salaries for hairdressers and stylists
Hairdressers also benefit from the recent collective bargaining. According to the collective labor agreement, from 1 April you will receive 1,170 euros gross in the first working year, 1,804 euros in the second and third years, 1,845 euros in the fourth and fifth working years and 1,975 euros in gross work from the sixth working year. In particular, the salaries of pupils are increased by 100 euros in the first and second year and by 160 euros in the third and fourth years. This corresponds to an increase of 16.7 percent.

“For the entrepreneurs, this gave them planning certainty and the opportunity to prepare early enough in these very challenging times,” federal guild master Wolfgang Eder said in a broadcast. The negotiations were brought forward.

Source: Krone


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