Vienna Airport – A workplace like no other


Vienna Airport – A workplace like no other

Vienna Airport is one of the most important airports in Central Europe with an important function as a hub between Western and Eastern Europe and as a gateway to the world. Well-trained employees form the basis for further development.

Jobs MUCH nowhere else
Vienna Airport is like a small city and employs people in more than 200 careers, from automotive technicians and IT experts to ground handling and security personnel, technical specialists and many other professions. Currently, approximately 5,000 people from more than 50 countries work at the airport. After two years of crisis due to the pandemic, the number of passengers is increasing again and Vienna Airport is also hiring new staff.

Jobs THE WAY I want them
Vienna Airport offers numerous benefits for employees. In addition to a sixth week of holiday, numerous training and further training opportunities, flexible working hours, the option of a daddy month, our own company kindergarten, health offers and other company benefits, the airport is an extremely interesting area of ​​work. Vienna Airport operates numerous business areas from real estate development to building and construction management to the core aviation business with terminal operations, airline acquisition and support, airport operations, shopping and catering or air freight.

VIE nowhere else – operating at Vienna Airport
Working at Vienna Airport offers an extremely exciting and fascinating environment. With an airport job you will be part of a large team that works together to ensure that Vienna Airport is one of the most efficient and safest airports in the world and is a transport hub that runs smoothly 24 hours a day.

Source: Krone


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