Computer malfunctions, delays and discounts for “coffee”


An employee of the Repsol gas station near Atocha station tried to control the access of cars by installing and removing cones, on the very first day when there was a 20 cent discount on a liter of refueling at the expense of the -15 government, five were responsible. Oil companies -. It was one o’clock in the afternoon and problems were accumulating. “The whole system has collapsed. [informático]”, – worried the man, who explained that the only way to avoid the queues was the slow entry of cars. “Do not strike unless there is chaos,” he said, and sweated.

Problems with using the discounts also arose at other service stations, such as the Paseo de Acacias, where some drivers waited half an hour or more for a refund. Some were disappointed, especially if you spilled a little fuel. Like Oscar, who arrived on a Vespa motorcycle. “The four liters that I am going to pour, what else will it give me,” he said. The man refused the discount in order to leave soon.

The staff was a little nervous. The manager went and an employee dedicated to popularizing the company’s phone app to customers standing in line to order was arguing over questions. He argued, without much faith, that hanging around the pumps with a mobile phone in his hand could close the hoses and he had better go. “I was told so,” he justified himself.

While traveling to several establishments, there were those who preferred not to be told many details about how the morning went with the return of the DIY. “I can not speak, there are cameras,” said Zeps, an employee of Ceps, who bypasses Embajadores. “We forbid it,” justifies one from Shell on the same street, closer to Manzanare.

Others were less skeptical, such as David, a gas station manager, again from Cepsi, who calculated that Friday’s influx had doubled compared to normal days. According to him, in the morning the customer was returned up to 12 euros. There was some confusion during the payment as the information monoliths had a price without discount which was only used at the cash desk. “There are people who have to stop because they go without expectations,” David explained.

Others came warningly, but compared the significance of the event. “Two euros for coffee,” joked the biker at Ronda de Segovia station. The manager of the dispensers and boxes there was Juan Carlos Agudo, with 54 years and 34 years of experience. “I’ve seen everything, but you’ve always been surprised,” he explained, after saying that the day was a constant “drop” of customers, albeit without crowds, at least in the first half of the morning. “I always do the same thing. I have enough work, ”said another neighbor, who appreciated the discount.

Antonio, the driver of the tanker truck, while connecting the hoses to the Segovia Bridge, explained that the company has drivers in the event of an increase in demand mode, but that the start of the day went normally. “Even though I came to download El Escorial and the program was not installed at the gas station [en el ordenador]”- he objected. Jesus, who was refueling at Atocha, said he did not notice much difference because he used to pour 10 to 10 euros worth of gasoline. Juan Carlos, a Segovia patrol officer, described: “I was angry a few days ago, [con la subida]; “People are satisfied today.”

Source: El Diario


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