How do you apply for the aid of 200 euros for people with a low income and wealth


The Tax and Customs Administration explains how citizens who meet the necessary requirements can apply for this benefit

The support of 200 euros that the government has created for the benefit of wage earners, the self-employed and the unemployed with a low income and wealth can now be applied for. This aid is part of the package of measures approved by the Council of Ministers last June to mitigate the economic impact of the energy crisis of Ukraine’s invasion of Spain. It was intended that this aid could be applied for from 1 July, but the application form was not available until 8 July.

The Tax and Customs Administration has made available to all possible beneficiaries the online form with which people with a low income and wealth can apply for the support of 200 euros, established by Royal Legislative Decree 11/2022 of 25 June. According to the Tax Authorities, this form has been drawn up on the basis of information from other government agencies in order to speed up the processing of applications. Before applying for this help, you should know all the necessary requirements to be able to apply for it.

According to information published by official sources, the Royal Decree provides that applicants have until September 30 to apply for the aid and that the tax authorities will be able to make the payments in the next three months. From this organization, they are working to speed up the process of aid processing, which requires prior information that contrasts that the Agency has already requested from other organizations.

According to the information published by the agency, the form is published in the marked information section of the electronic headquarters of the tax authorities ( In this section, the identification details and address of the applicant and of the people with whom he lives in the residence, the contact telephone number and the bank account number will have to be filled in to make the payment of the aid effective.

You can request this assistance from the Electronic Bureau of the Tax Authorities. To access it, you must be registered in the [email protected] system, which is very convenient to carry out all kinds of procedures online. Once you have completed the information on the form, you can submit it online or in person.

– You can request these via the internet with the option ‘Register in [email protected]’.

– If you prefer to do this procedure in person, you must make an appointment with the relevant office of the Tax Authorities.

One of the reasons this form was published later than expected was to give applicants who were not registered in the ‘Clave’ system and also do not have an electronic certificate a margin in advance to perform this registration process in ‘Clave’ over the internet. conduct or video call, or at the offices of the Agency or other public authorities. Registration in the ‘Clave’ system only requires the provision of the DNI details and a mobile phone number.

The aid is specified in a one-off payment of 200 euros for self-employed or salaried workers and unemployed persons registered with the employment office who live in households where the sum of the income of the cohabitants in 2021 is less than 14,000 euros and whose assets , after deduction of habitual residence, do not exceed EUR 43,196.4.

The calculation of income and assets is carried out jointly, taking into account all persons living with the beneficiary at the same address as of 1 January 2022.

Source: La Verdad


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