The novel appears as Santi Lorenzo’s reckoning with the film industry

One of the publishing events this fall is ‘Tostonazo’, the new novel by Santiago Lorenzo, who always hits the nail on the head when it comes to naming his works: ‘Las gana’, ‘Los huerfanitos’ and ‘Los asquerosos’, a I sing for the loneliness and austerity that affected thousands of readers and who eventually made it to the podium. His message in pursuing silence in the age of screaming on social networks has a lot to do with the personality of the Portuguese writer, who ended up disillusioned in literature after directing two films – ‘Mamá es boba’ and ‘A good day anyone has it’–, after which he went to live in a Segovian village of 16 inhabitants where you have to call him on the landline.

‘Tostonazo’ appears as Santi Lorenzo’s reckoning with the film industry. The protagonist, one of his usual losers, enters the shooting of a film as meritorious and discovers an exciting world. Except for the figure of an ignorant and cynical producer, who meddles in the director’s work and torpedoing the feature film until it turns into a disaster taunted by critics and crashing at the box office.

It’s hard not to feel echoes of Lorenzo’s experience in the pages of ‘Tostonazo’, which in the second half retreats to one of the author’s favorite spaces: the province. As early as 1999, ‘Mamá es boba’ offered a biting vision of the television show from the point of view of the main characterchild, who not only felt humiliated at school because of his incontinence problems, but was also ashamed of his parents, a couple of fools used in a competition who appealed to cruelty to his guests. In Lorenzo’s words, “a comedy that wasn’t funny at all.”

Source: La Verdad


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