“You are no better as an audience leader”


The Andalusian communicator returns to TVE with ‘Incredible Duos’, a musical format that unites experienced singers with young promises

Without leaving Canal Sur, where he hosts ‘The Afternoon, Here and Now’ and helps older people not feel alone, presenter Juan y Medio (Lúcar, Almería, age 59) returns to national television with ‘Incredible Duos’ , the new live music commitment that premieres La 1 tonight from 10.45pm. Produced by the public broadcaster in collaboration with Ganga, the format unites eight established artists with eight young singers to form blind duos that win over audiences. Among the participants, Ana Belén, Antonio Carmona, Miguel Poveda, Sole Giménez, Antonio José or Nía. The Andalusian communicator has also just been named best regional presenter by the Television Academy.

-How do you experience this return to national television?

– He is nice. What I appreciate at this point in my life is that I meet a lot of colleagues and friends. This profession is very mobile. The part of the audience is already something incomprehensible to me, over which I have no control. I got excited about the people I see again, then I marveled at the structure of the program. And I have a national backlash that values ​​what I do in Andalusia more.

-What seduced you from ‘Incredible Duos’?

I am a frustrated musician. I play percussion and my life was music for many years because I was a show promoter for 20 years. I worked for Hombres G, toured the world and gave concerts. That bug is there, and when there’s a chance to be close to music, well, I love it. Later that level of singers, from Víctor Manuel to Ana Belén or Antonio José… They are people I appreciate and have known for years. In addition, it is a program that promotes starters.

– Without revealing much, which duo surprised you the most on stage?

-The ones that amaze me the most are the young people. You will be amazed at the rennet and the serenity they have. People have a confidence and a peace of mind that you cannot imagine. I don’t have a favorite group, because suddenly Ainhoa ​​Arteta sings a song by Mecano, but then Ana Belén sings one from Alaska. You are witnessing an evolution of the songs you love more one day but the next the next.

-It’s a music program and not a search for new talent, something that happens more often on TV.

– I asked if this program was a ‘talent show’ and they said no, that the talent was already on stage. They are experienced and young people who have their followers on the platforms, but we cannot say that they are popular. I liked that they just acted and that’s it.

-Have you not received any offers in Canal Sur in recent years to return to national television?

They call me every year. It’s very flattering. There is always a project on TVE, Antena 3 or Telecinco where they say they thought of me. I am very happy with my program in Andalusia because it helps people who are lonely and find companionship. That is a nice bonus and it is a program that is tailored to me. We are leaders compared to other national networks and all we do is talk to older people.

-Have you ever thought about making a version for all of Spain?

-In Toledo, my production company also works with Ramón García for Castilla-La Mancha television. We’ve been on numerous occasions with other autonomous communities that were about to do this, but at the last minute it didn’t work out. I am not in favor of making such a program on national television, because if I have a woman from La Palma and a man from Lugo, how are they going to unite because they are so far away? It is possible, but it is more complicated. It would be possible in Galicia or Aragon, for example because they would meet immediately on the set or at home.

-And were they interested in the Andalusian format in other countries?

-We did pilots for Mexico and France even bought the format at the time. People are becoming increasingly lonely and helpless. On Canal Sur we don’t have football or reality shows or fiction, but the network has a program that keeps the elderly company.

– Has the profile of the people coming to the program changed after so many years on the air?

-You can see the passing of the years. Now people have more streets and they have entered the world of engineering. The people who come to our set are no longer so limited by the absurd morality of the time. Before they got really scared and ashamed, they thought they were doing something wrong. But now his neighbors are encouraging him to join the Juan y Medio program to find a life partner. That dynamic was not there before.

– Is the audience perceived differently on regional television?

When you’re thirty years into your professional career, you realize that you’re no better if you’re an audience leader or worse if you’re in the last position. It is always better to be profitable and perform as much as possible, but not to the point where it will affect my life. I understand that some days the competition is more interesting, with content that I don’t have access to. I do my show and viewers find us a distraction that other networks don’t have.

Source: La Verdad


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