‘Titanic’ turns 25 and celebrates by returning to cinemas


Step back aboard the most famous ocean liner of all time and relive the love between Jack and Rose that made this movie one of the most beloved films

“I am the king of the world”. Who does not know this mythical phrase from the cinema? Surely more than one remembers the moment when the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio shouts these words in one of the most famous and recognized films of all time. December 17 marks the 25th anniversary of the premiere in the United States of one of the most critically acclaimed and watched films in film history: ‘Titanic’.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, the protagonists of Titanic, have catapulted their careers thanks to this film directed by James Cameron. For those who have not yet seen this film and only know the tragic end of the most famous ocean liner in history, you still have a chance to see it in the cinema. The film won 11 awards at the Oscars, they only have this Oscar number ‘Ben-Hur’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’ which include best director, best picture or best soundtrack.

The plot revolves around Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), a young artist who wins a ticket in a card game to travel to America on the Titanic, the largest ocean liner ever built. During the journey he meets Rose (Kate Winslet), a young woman from a good family who does not want to marry her fiancé. A beautiful love story begins to develop between Jack and Rose, but her mother and her fiancé will make it really difficult to continue this relationship. As this love story takes shape, the ship approaches an iceberg. And what happened next is already film history.

Those who were part of the cast of one of history’s most famous films are celebrating as it marks the 25th anniversary of its premiere. One of history’s most romantic and tragic films returns to the cinema to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The film returned to the cinema in 3D in 2012.

Jon Landu, a producing partner on several James Cameron films, including Titanic, announced that this feature film will be re-released worldwide in February 2023, in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The film returns to theaters in a remastered version in 3D 4K HDR and with ‘high frame rate’. The exact dates for each area will be announced later.

How to forget when Jack exclaims excitedly, “I am the king of the world”, after he and his friend Fabrizio manage to board the ship and begin the journey.

One of the times when the bond between Jack and Rose starts to stand out is when he shows him his drawings and of course when Jack draws Rose nude in charcoal.

After Jack has dinner with Rose’s family and acquaintances in gratitude for helping her, a very special moment occurs: Jack kisses Rose’s hand and feelings can be seen developing between them.

After dinner, Jack invites Rose to a real party. Together they go to third class to dance with the rest of the passengers.

Rose meets Jack and together they climb over the railing of the Titanic. When Jack tells Rose to open her eyes and she replies “I’m flying” and then the two kiss passionately. This moment is without a doubt one of the most special and memorable moments in the movie.

Another of the most beautiful scenes is when Rose and Jack hide in a car and spend the night together after running away from her fiancé by boat.

When the disaster of the sinking ship threatens, Rose does not hesitate to return to find her lover. Together they try to escape from Rose’s fiancé and try to get off the ship.

Now that you’ve remembered some of the most exciting moments, it’s your turn to re-watch one of the most famous and beautiful movies in history. The time comes to relive the story of Jack and Rose and sing along to the sound of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in movie theaters.

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