The Murcian couple from ‘La Isla de las Tentaciones’ end their adventure: will they return to Spain together?


Ana and Cristian starred in one of the most exciting final bonfires of the last program

Ana and Cristian’s passage through ‘La Isla de las Tentaciones’ has been a hurricane of feelings. The couple from Murcia were the protagonists of the first emergency fire in the history of the program, after Ana was about to abandon the experience in the middle of the night when she found out that he had been unfaithful to her. At that moment they gave themselves one last chance, but last night they saw their faces again and faced the big question of the program: do they want to leave the island together or alone?

The tension between Ana and Cristian was noticeable since he came to meet his girlfriend again and she denied him two kisses: “I’m not going to give them to you because you don’t deserve it. I don’t believe anything about you,” the Murcian began. defense that he had been wrong and defended herself: “After the bonfire, I didn’t kiss anyone again. I’ve been clingy, but I cut the role.” However, Ana was hurt, believing that her boyfriend could have acted differently to not to hurt her.

The presenter, Sandra Barneda, also played a key role, asking Cristian several questions that got him into trouble. “If you knew that Ana was in trouble, why did you keep getting carried away by the seductress?” Barneda wanted to know, to which the Murcian argued that he should be honest and gain weight and could not look the girl in the face that it could. to be. He also asked, “Do you think Ana is exaggerating?”, which Cristian denied, though he insisted that after the bonfire he had “not gotten in touch with anyone and she doesn’t appreciate that”. Finally, Sandra wanted to know if she would have forgiven Ana if she had gone too far. Cristian answered yes, but the woman from Murcia did not believe him.

After the tense conversation between the two, Ana confessed that she was very disappointed: «I didn’t do anything you did. I just wanted you to set your limits and you didn’t.” Cristian, for his part, replied that he felt bad for kissing another girl, but then I brutally slammed on the brakes. Finally it was moment of final decision arrived. De Murcia assured that he wanted to go with her and remain her partner, but Ana was very clear that her answer was not the same: “I have to be honest now and I think it is best to be alone to go.” Moreover, the girl thought that she would leave the island “fortified”, because “here I realized that he went first and then me. I learned to be much stronger than I imagined.

Source: La Verdad


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