Asensio Piqueras, director of the Murcia Book Fair and agglutinating creators and artists, dies


Turmoil in the region due to the death at the age of 66 of the current secretary of the Publishers Guild of the Region of Murcia. Before authoring poetry, story and gastronomy books, he was an avid reader and devoted most of his time to civic life in the cultural sector.

“In love with life. Curious to the end. Stubborn to get. Tender, sensitive to the extreme. This was Asensio Piqueras, President of the Association of Makers and Artists Palin, Secretary of the Publishers Guild of the Region of Murcia and Director of the Murcia Book Fair, who died this Saturday in Murcia at the age of 66. Twenty-five years ago, his heart had stopped: a clot formed in him and stopped beating, he himself told his followers in a post on Facebook. 54 minutes of stoppage, even after signing his death, at 00:36 on November 20, 1997, he came back to life.This time Asensio Piqueras, author of poetry books and great lover of gastronomy, has finally said goodbye to this world.

An enthusiastic promoter of the creative genius of the people of Murcia and of the grassroots culture in the Murcia region, he was born in Albacete in 1956, hence his dedication to the literary magazine ‘Barcarola’. He studied business administration at the Complutense University of Madrid and boasted that he had traveled through Spain for decades working as a commercial sales representative. But he fell in love with Murcia and chose to live here. On numerous occasions he told THE TRUTH that he felt “Murcian of choice”.

Before he was an editor and a writer, he was a voracious reader, and perhaps that passion for books led him to promote the Palin Association, a real engine of support for writers, painters, photographers, designers, illustrators… He believed in individual talent, but I was even more convinced that there is power in unity, especially in the cultural field. His support for cultural associations, through Palin, the association that restored the Murcia Book Fair, after a decade of fallow, is possibly one of his most notable contributions. “Seeing the illusion of reading in the eyes of those present” was his greatest satisfaction as director of the Book Fair, which welcomed 120,000 visitors, 37 exhibitors and 60 publishers in 2021, with sales of 32,000 copies.

As an author, he has published the poetry collections ‘Things from my head’ (Editorial Avance, 2013), ‘Inside, intimacies’ (Editorial Disliesind, 2015) and ’50 Thoughts, intimate poems’ (Editorial Dokusou, 2016), as well as the book with erotic stories ‘Game of sexes’ (Editorial Pluma Verde, 2016), co-written with the author María Jesús Marín. Many of his stories have appeared in anthologies and literary magazines, as well as on his blogs: ‘Things from my head’, where he published articles, poems and stories almost daily until 2013, many collected in ‘Things from my head’ , and ‘Coluras’, on the same line as above.

In his latest published work, “Our Joys in the Kitchen,” edited and published by the Palin Association of Creators and Artists, he lovingly curated 100 recipes. «I have never considered myself a cook, and yes a lover of cooking, passionate about the kitchen who finds it very easy to get into flour and get a smile at the sight of the dish I present to mine», he said about this adventure that it was rather an express request from his family, knowing his great fondness for gastronomy. He had three children: Chencho (already deceased), Almudena and Nieves.

That experience of death 25 years ago was closest to “PEACE, in capital letters” for Asensio Piqueras. “That’s how it feels on the other site. I still don’t explain myself, nor does anyone explain how I got back into this life. That must have been to keep enjoying it. If death is what I felt, I assure you it’s not a bad place, it’s another place where there’s nothing we think we’ll lose. There everything is won again. PEACE.” Rest in peace one who “lived long and very quickly”, who wrote and read daily, and who spent much of his time sharing wisdom.

Source: La Verdad


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