Mapi, TVE’s summer star who creates a sensation


The premiere, with an 8.2% share and over 860,000 viewers, improved La 1 .’s ratings

In the middle of Monday in August, there was an expectation to find out “what was that” from ‘Mapi’ that TVE announced on social networks and the usual promotions. The character debuted with a presentation video on Twitter that broke the most optimistic predictions. «I’m Mapi, the new star of RTVE. Stop arguing a little and pay attention to me, because my program is about to start ”, launched the main character of the new bet on the public channel. In just a few days, he racked up over 4,000 followers and surpassed two million views, with over 17 million impressions in one week.

The premiere came after the second edition of the ‘Telediario’ and sparked public interest, with an audience of 8.2% screen share and more than 860,000 viewers, with a ‘share’ among young people and teenagers reaching 13.2 %. The first episode of this format presented by Jandro didn’t lead, but it did improve the data for the La 1 slot. Seven days ago, ‘[email protected]@s’ scored 7.2% and barely 812,000 followers.

The new format is the Spanish adaptation of the Japanese competition ‘Chiko’s Challenge’, broadcast by the Japanese public channel NHK. The main character is Mapi, an animated character created using computer generated imagery (CGI) technology that tests the logic and imagination of a group of celebrities who come to the program and answer their questions. From TVE they defend that with the format that they intend to “stimulate curiosity about knowledge” and above all that the audience has fun with the protagonist.

Bringing Mapi to life was a technological challenge to create a half-human, half-3D hybrid character that interacts with other real people and objects. Created by Iralta Virtual Production, it has multi-camera virtual production technology and was designed by Marcos Raya. Under Mapi is the actress Carla Pulpón, who also gives the voice to this special animated girl. The program transfers the artist’s performance in real time and almost invisibly to a 3D character for production, similar to what was done in ‘Avatar’ or ‘King Kong’, meaning a “new way of producing audiovisual content” that “totally changes the pattern captured in 3D a long time ago», where animation was something that was done later in post-production.

For this, a large amount of data is collected, which must be displayed in real time via three cameras. The 3D model of Mapi is positioned in the virtual space thanks to a “tracking system” installed in the cameras and in the character, making it possible to know the place the actress occupies on the physical and virtual set. Through the machine learning technology, the system learns every day to improve the expressiveness of Mapi.

Source: La Verdad


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