Co Down’s loving husband honored midwife as award launched in her memory –


Hazel McAllister

Co Down’s midwife Hazel McCallister has released a new award in honor of her memory.

The South East HSC Trust of the Royal College of Midwives awarded the Hazel McCalister Distinguished Midwife Award.

The Hazel family donated the award to the branch in memory of a mother of three who died in January 2021 at the age of 66.

Hazel, from Bangalore, started her career in 1978 and has worked tirelessly for years to support colleagues at Ulster Hospital with her warm personality and generous spirit.

Hazel was very passionate about her career as a midwife and devoted so much time and energy to the work of the Royal College of Grandmothers, for which she was awarded the title of Honorary Chair.

This award is given to a new peer-recommended midwife who is a role model and who changes her words or actions to work at any level of midwifery.

It is a fitting honor for Hazel to handle all situations with compassion, support employee welfare, and demonstrate a significant commitment to professional collaboration with all members of the healthcare team, regardless of their position on the team.

Hazel’s husband John said, “Hazel has been my wife first and foremost, but she’s also my best friend and a wonderful mom to our three kids, Aaron, Ames and Patrick.

“He’s been a magnet for people, he’s made easy friendships. Hazel’s personality and caring attitude reassure patients.

“If you become friends with Hazel, you are in luck, because she never forgets, because she always remembers everyone she met.

“We’ve had people come and go to our homes from all over the world, and our doors have always been open to homeless and homeless!”

“His life was filled with his passion for the Royal College of Midwives, because he believed in the growth and support of fellows.”

Midwife and Julie Gogg, a member of the South East Trust chapter of the Royal College of Midwives, happily remembered Hazel.

“He was a friend to laugh at, a shoulder to cry on and a man who always stood up for the best for all of the midwives and midwives at the South East Trust,” said Julie.

Hazel misses her colleagues very much, who once benefited from her kindness, experience and encouraging words. He has devoted 40 years of his life to health and social care.

“As a nurse and midwife, she was a caring friend and wonderful midwife who covered everything she touched and everyone she met.

The winner of the Hazel McCalister Distinguished Midwifery Award will be announced on International Midwifery Day, Thursday 5 May 2022.

Source: Belfastlive


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