Optical illusion of women in the bar sparks controversy as people are left puzzled


optical illusion

An optical illusion caused a stir online after a photo of six women sitting on a sofa with only five pairs of legs.

The women are depicted sitting on the main part of the sofa, while the Sixth is sitting on the right side with one arm.

However, upon closer examination, the other woman seated on the left side appears legless.

Confused by the scene, one Reddit user shared an image on the platform to find the answer to the mystery.

Soon after publication, people began sharing their theories, reports The Mirror.

Some believed that the girl on the left followed the girl on the right, but others believed that the image was “not added”.

A man said: The first girl is sitting at the feet of the second girl.

The second wrote: “Number one was held on his feet, and his knee did not break.

“The second number has one leg felt, the tears are on the knee. These legs overlap each other. (After this breakdown, there is a split where the forehead is on the right and not on the left. The second number on the knee has a white tattered front and is visible).

Then a third added: “I think the legs of the first girl are covered by the legs of the second girl.”

The other added: “The numbers two and three are inclined.”

One Reddit user thought he had collapsed and turned his attention to the girl who was sitting second to the left.

They said: His pants are of the same color and almost blend in. You can see the difference where a little bit of the forehead/leather is visible over the shoe.”

But others remain unsure and continue to discuss the opportunities.

Source: Belfastlive


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