I’m told they even put the top of a table in the show because you can imagine where?

In December, Movistar + ‘Fácil’ will premiere, the series to ‘Easy Reading’, a novel by Cristina Morales. And now it is presented at the San Sebastian Festival. Morales is very punk and, in addition to being a writer, is part of the collective Women’s Sexual Initiative, which approaches contemporary dance from a feminist, libertarian and anti-academic perspective. I’m told that in the show they even put the top of a table where you can imagine. And there Morales is about to ask them to join the series they created with his book. Wrote an article in ‘Rockdelux’ as Crispina Manners (and her face) and renamed the series ‘Nazi’. You don’t like what they modified. I’ve seen the fiction of Anna R. Costa, co-creator with Paco León of ‘Arde Madrid’, and it’s really good. Cristina Morales may not recognize her “retarded” there. What many will recognize is that Anna is the list of the creative couple Paco León-Anna R. Costa.

Source: La Verdad


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