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Gucci Chime for Change 2021 – Continuing its commitment to support gender equality through Chime for Change, Gucci announces the publication of the new issue of Chime Zine, joining the Generation Equality Forum, through which it strengthens its contribution to gender equality, and the main beneficiaries of this year’s Chime for Change.

Gucci Chime for Change 2021: ZINE No. 3

In line with Chime’s constant commitment to make the stories of activists and artists who strive for gender equality, the new issue of Chime Zine focuses on female leadership movements all over the world. Contributions highlight grassroots organizations and the development of popular movements, including Women’s Strike in Poland, #EndSARS in Nigeria, the fight against femicide in Turkey, the resistance movement of young feminists in Egypt, the art world and feminist comics in Italy.

A limited number of copies of the Chime Zine will be available at the Gucci Garden in Florence, the Gucci Wooster Bookstore and the Dashwood Books in New York. The new issue will also be distributed as part of some copies of the next issue of Mission Magazine, while the digital edition will be available on Gucci Equilibrium, the Gucci website dedicated to social and environmental issues.

Curated by the activist and author Adam Eli and with the artistic direction ofartist MP5, the new edition of Chime Zine includes essays, interviews and graphic works that address topics such as the importance of visual symbols in social movements; support for the tradition of resistance in Egypt for the new generation; the women and marginalized groups who started the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria; the women’s uprising in Poland; the need to draw international attention to the phenomenon of femicide in Turkey; the response to the stigma linked to sexual violence and the importance of preserving the history of radical feminist queer culture expressed by the zines of the 90s and 00s in the digital age.

Generation Equality Forum

To make initiatives in favor of gender equality more effective worldwide, Gucci joined the Generation Equality Forum as a corporate leader in Action Coalition Leadership and Feminist Movements. Held by UN Women, co-organized by the governments of Mexico and France in collaboration with youth movements and representatives of civil society, the Generation Equality Forum was created with the aim of stimulating global activity and commitment to achieve gender equality by 2026.

Despite the significant successes recorded in the twenty-five years since the historic World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995, no country has achieved gender equality, and the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the lack of progress. Bringing together member states, representatives of civil society, businesses, youth, international and philanthropic organizations, the Generation Equality Forum is a time for global mobilization to finally guarantee the rights of all women and girls.

The participants in the Action Coalition will produce a targeted series of concrete actions for the five-year period 2021-2026, aimed at ensuring that equality for all women including queer women, transgender women, non-binary women, women of color , disabled women, refugee women, young women, indigenous women and women living in the southern hemisphere assume an increasingly central role in the global post-Covid debate and beyond.

With gender inequalities deepening and global economic resources concentrated elsewhere during the pandemic, Chime for Change continues throughout 2021 to provide vital funding to non-profit partners working with female leadership organizations, operating at the forefront. to protect and promote the safety, health and human rights of women around the world, including women of color, transgender women, indigenous women and women with disabilities.

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