How does Babler want to win over Kickl fans?


There is no doubt that Andreas Babler has already been able to celebrate successes that no one would have previously thought possible. His idea that the dispute and first place would escalate into a match between Kickl and him is still nothing more than a wet dream. Because: which FPÖ voter should be addressed with the red demands?

You have to give Andreas Babler one thing: he knows how to create an atmosphere among the audience. The mood at the federal party congress in Graz last weekend was euphoric. After his hour-long speech about redistribution fantasies, ‘our people’ and berating the government and the media, there was even a standing ovation. From the SPÖ comrades, mind you.

Babler must steal votes from the center and the FPÖ
And because of this fact, the dog is also buried. According to surveys, the Reds are stagnant at around 23%. Unfortunately, this is not enough to determine the pace of coalition negotiations, just as it is the case for a left-wing traffic light coalition together with Greens and Roses. To win even more, Babler will have to fish in the middle of the voter pool or even steal votes from the FPÖ. However, that will be difficult with his program.

People aren’t stupid
Because even though requests for a sixth week of vacation or a (softened) reduction in working hours sound good on paper for every employee, many ‘in the middle’ can do the math and know that this will not happen in one fell swoop. finger. Someone will have to pay for the extra staff that is needed. People aren’t stupid: they know they probably have to pay.

Migration: it smells like a hospitable culture
When it comes to migration, it will also be difficult to convince non-left voters. The desire for “legal escape routes” or the creation of a “European rescue mission at sea” smells more like the spirit of the hospitable culture. The subject is an unpleasant one for the Reds. But if you don’t have answers here, you won’t convince any Kickl voters.

The only window in which a Kickl fan would choose Babler…
Therefore, it is currently difficult to imagine that even one voter could switch from the Kickl camp to the Babler team. This would require a total failure for the Blues. But hoping for that is not a campaign strategy.

Source: Krone


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