Northern Ireland schools strike to affect some services this week


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The Department of Education said union members plan to strike again on Friday.

They say most schools and services will operate normally, but some disruptions to schools, transportation and food are expected.

The spokesperson said: “EA has been informed by Unite that the members of the organization intend to engage in further industrial operations on Friday, April 1, 2022 (one day).

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While most schools, youth and other EA services are likely to be operational on April 1 or due to emergency plans with minimal delays, the strike is expected to cause some delays in some schools and services such as school transportation and restaurants. .

In particular, many private school students will be affected by the fact that some EA bus services will not be available, plus class assistants will participate in the Unite industrial strike.

They added: “We are continuing to implement a series of emergency measures and are working closely with private schools to reduce delays for children and young people because we are well aware of the impact on their days.

Private Schools Support Officers will continue to work with all interested schools to assess challenges and explore all options to ensure continuity of learning.

“Like last week, we will also continue to work hard to provide most of the school transportation and catering services. We will do our best to keep parents, children and youth up-to-date through this website, social media channels and our schools.

However, in some cases, services can be delayed for such a short time that notice becomes impossible, so alternative measures are very important now, especially for transportation and school meals.

Please note that this information is subject to change…

Source: Belfastlive


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