Politically unofficial – Brunner, Gewessler: Two that are not green


The climate between Energy Secretary Leonore Gewessler and Finance Minister Magnus Brunner is tense. This leads to tensions, also with the electricity price brake.

The next anti-inflation pact is about to be concluded. The pressure is great. After all, cheap electricity for everyone must be a major blow from the government. Turquoise green also expects an image optimization of the electricity price brake.

The plan is to be implemented by Energy Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) and Finance Minister Magnus Brunner (ÖVP). In the coming week, the aid package will be proclaimed by the duo along with Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler.

However, the bilateral relationship between Brunner and Gewessler is not as smooth as the Nehammer/Kogler duo. True to the saying “You always meet twice in life” – the two carry an emotional backpack with them from their first meeting.

At that time, they were in a different hierarchical division of roles. In January 2020, Gewessler will become Minister of the Environment. Brunner is assigned to Gewessler as Secretary of State. The turquoise is considered an energy expert – especially when it comes to electricity from renewable energy sources.

Brunner has witnessed the fate of many secretaries of state
He worked for years for the Vorarlberg energy supplier Illwerke. Brunner later served as a board member of the settlement office for Ökostrom AG. His know-how is of little use. Gewessler caught him quite quickly at the ministry.

A fate that often befalls state secretaries. The FPÖ tax specialist Hubert Fuchs was also cut off from the information at the Ministry of Finance.

However, it is rare for a State Secretary to be promoted to Minister of Finance during a term of office. Gewessler and Brunner now meet again in this constellation. “Now Brunner is certainly not a big revanchist, but it does give him satisfaction. When asked about it, he just smiles,” said a source.

Electricity price brake: avoid shame
This leads to some friction. For example, at the Summer Council of Ministers four weeks ago, where the electricity price brake was presented. The announcement almost failed due to the simple question of who is responsible for the practical implementation.

Gewessler believed that the Treasury Secretary was responsible for distributing taxpayers’ money. Brunner clearly saw the Secretary of Energy in the drawing. The fronts were hardened until about an hour before the start of the Council of Ministers meeting.

Only a one-on-one conversation between Brunner and Gewessler before the start of the meeting prevented things from going wrong. The tug-of-war was over, Brunner was victorious. The electricity price brake is being developed under the leadership of the Ministry of Climate. However, when the electricity price brake is presented, there will be only mutual caresses.

Source: Krone


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