Party leader meets – Tyrol: ÖVP sets course for the era after Platter


Today, Monday, the Tyrolean People’s Party is charting the course for the future after the state elections. The party board met in the morning to set up an exploratory team for the government negotiations. A coalition with the third-placed SPÖ is most likely, even if there is a hangover after Sunday’s disappointing performance.

VP state party leader Anton Mattle had again ruled out a coalition with the FPÖ on Sunday. Above all, the Economic Association advocates a two-way variant, which actually only leaves the SPÖ. Chamber of Commerce chairman Christoph Walser also emphasized in the margins of the board meeting that cooperation with NEOS is out of the question for the Economic Association.

Two-sided or three-sided coalition?
This further narrows the scope of the ÖVP. Because that would really only leave a very unlikely collaboration between the People’s Party with List Fritz and the Greens in addition to Black and Red. After nearly ten years of joint government work, the Greens in particular are anything but a desirable partner for large parts of the People’s Party.

Forming a government on National Day?
What is certain is that it is now being investigated. For this purpose, the ÖVP will assemble a negotiating team, which, in addition to Mattle, should include state councilors Johannes Tratter and Josef Geisler, Gerber and MEP Barbara Thaler. There should also be talks with the FPÖ, but not about forming a coalition. The ÖVP does not give itself a fixed timetable for the conclusion of the negotiations. However, one would like to have a government finished by the national holiday, in about four weeks at the latest.

SP: Not in government at all costs
Whether the SPÖ will seize the seldom good chance to return to state government after a two-term hiatus will be the subject of a state party board on Monday evening. On election night, Head of State Georg Dornauer said they would certainly not go into government at any cost. His party had won just a disappointing 0.2 percentage point, falling in third place behind the FPÖ. Despite all the frustration, it is believed that the SPÖ will seriously negotiate a government.

There is also a need on Monday for internal consultations with the Greens and NEOS, each of which performed below their own expectations. Both, especially the NEOS, would also be willing to form coalitions. It is the intention that people agree with each other. First of all, an internal analysis will take place on Monday evening into the cause of the disappointing performance on Sunday. Staff changes here and there are considered unlikely.

Liberals go “blue”
The list of Fritz, one of the winners of the election, will also be sent to the committees on Monday afternoon. This also raises the question of whether government participation should remain open. The FPÖ, which would probably have the hardest time getting into government, will turn “blue” as usual on Monday after the election.

Source: Krone


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