Last minute of Castilla y León’s investment live


Last minute of Castilla y León’s investment live

Roland claims PP from the government’s “nothing to be afraid of” with Vox in Castile and Leon: “This is part of normalcy”

Pedro Roland, PP’s deputy secretary of regional and local co-ordination, assured this Monday that “there is no fear of anything” from the government in Castilla and Leon in a coalition with Vox because “it is part of normalcy” after the results. On regional elections. He said this in an interview with Onda Madrid, where he noted that he should not be “surprised by anyone” that both formations intend to rule the region, as this executive is a “story” told by the Castilians and Leonids. In the February 13 elections.

“I deny to the Major that this is an anomaly,” he said. In addition, he asked those who have “doubts or fears” to allow this government, which will begin to rise in the coming days, to see that it “fears nothing”.

Whether or not PP will attend the inauguration of PPP president Alberto Nunez Feio if he does not go to avoid a photo with Vox leader Santiago Abascal, Roland has made it clear that he does not know Feio’s next week’s agenda. Indicates that what is “really important” is not the photo.

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Manieko is facing his investment, which is linked to the far right, after an election was called to oust Ciudadanos.

The debate over Maniuko’s investment starts at 12 noon and will be supported only by PP and Vox.

The investment debate between Alfonso Fernando Manieko as junta de Castilla and Leon’s president begins this Monday at 12:00 noon, almost two months after the February 13 local elections. It will have one session and will only be supported by PP and Vox.

In the morning, from 12:00, only the re-candidate Alfonso Fernandes Manieko will appear, who will present his government program to demand the trust of Cortes for life. The session will resume in the afternoon with the intervention of parliamentary groups with the news that the traditional distribution of proportionality has been partially changed from the top to the bottom, so that in the case of the two pro-council parties, PP and Vox. The first to intervene from Santiago Abascal and close the PP turn.

The first 30-minute shift will be for the Socialist parliamentary group, followed by members of the UPL-Soria ¡ya! Parliamentary group, who will share their 30 minutes equally, as well as a mixed group that will also share. Their half-hour, at the same time, is available to the speakers of the Vox parliamentary group and the popular parliamentary group.

As before, the nominated candidate will be able to speak “as many times as he / she requests” and when he / she responds individually to each parliamentary group, he / she will have the right to respond within 10 minutes, time which will also be evenly distributed. By both members of UPL-Soria Now! Like the three prosecutors in the mix. If the candidate answers globally, each of them will have 10 minutes to answer.

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Source: El Diario


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