Metal strikes coming soon? – “Mocking”: Union rejects new offer


In the third collective labor agreement for the metalworking industry, the employers made improvements on Monday. While the original offer of a 4.1 percent increase in actual wages and salaries remains, there should be a profit-sharing bonus that could account for up to 2.2 percent of total wages and salaries. However, the offer is unacceptable to the PRO-GE and GPA unions. A strike cancellation for the entire metal industry is now being obtained from the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB).

“Now it’s getting very serious. The next round with the FMTI will determine whether a labor dispute is necessary. The employers’ offer is still 4.1 percent and is a mockery of the employees,” said the chief union negotiators Rainer Wimmer (PRO-GE) and Karl Durtscher (GPA).

Next hearing on November 3rd
The trade unions PRO-GE and GPA are demanding an increase of 10.6 percent and want to hold a major works council conference in St. Pölten before the next negotiation date on November 3.

According to the PRO-GE union, the final votes for a labor dispute will take place at this conference on November 2. If the fourth round of negotiations on November 3 also fails, a warning strike will follow, the union threatens.

Industry: With the current offer wage and salary increases up to 6.3%
The employers, in turn, see a gross KV increase to 6.3 percent and a “significantly improved supply” in their improvement. “However, the unions showed no willingness to back down on their exaggerated demands,” the disappointed employer said in a broadcast.

“The total package offered would lead to a clear and real increase in workers’ purchasing power, as workers have already offset between 50 and 100 percent of the increased inflation through the federal government’s anti-inflation packages,” said Christian Knill. , president of the Metal Technology Industry Association (FMTI), met.

Source: Krone


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