The Restorative Justice Strategy 2022-2025 aims to ensure access, quality and cultural change


The adviser Beatriz Artolazabal presented the Restorative Justice Strategy 2022-2025 in the parliamentary committee. For the governance of the plan, a working group or forum consisting of experts will set to work at the end of this year to map out the existing services.

Euskaraz irakurri: Justizia Errestauratiboaren strategy berriak sarbidea, kalitatea et eta culture aldaketa bermatu nahi ditu

The Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policy of the Basque Government presented this morning before the Human Rights Commission of the Basque Parliament the Restorative justice strategy 2022-2025.

Considering the strategy three axes. The first is about access to restorative justice, the second is about quality, knowledge and trust in restorative justice, and the third is about cultural change.

Concerning the accessthe Basque government foresees “several actions to ensure the availability of restorative justice services and programs for victims and offenders, regardless of age, crime or stage of the criminal process”. As for the second axis, the plan aims to develop minimum standards for quality, broaden knowledge of restorative justice and existing programs and services, and establish mechanisms for external quantitative and qualitative evaluation. The third and final axis includes actions to promote a cultural change and so that “citizens are aware of restorative justice, its potential benefits and risks”.

With regard to work in Basque prisons, Artolazabal said that at the end of this year a group or working forum composed of experts “it will start its work and map the existing services.” “We have already started to take steps in the development of the strategy,” he noted.

The Restorative Justice 2022-2025 Strategy is “a living, open, flexible and changing document based on the results and possible legislative changes that may occur in this area,” emphasizes Beatriz Artolazabal.

The Basque government approved the strategy last July, which is one of the axes of the Strategic Plan for Justice 2022-2028, and it is the first time that the adviser has reported on it to the Basque Parliament.

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Source: EITB


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