Interview on Radio Euskadi, Illa to ERC about the referendum: “It won’t happen”


“We are tired of the divisive dynamics. There is no point in insisting. The Catalan society that does not want to continue to strengthen ties with Spain is getting smaller and smaller,” he stressed in an interview offered to Radio Euskadi.

The former Minister of Health of the Government of Spain and First Secretary of the PSC, Salvador Illawas interviewed this Monday in the program “Boulevard” of Radio Euskadi, where he, among other things, discussed the political situation who is alive today Catalonia.

Asked about a hypothetical return to Catalonia of the former president of the Generalitat Carlo Puigdemont, has been forceful: According to what he himself announced on Twitter, it doesn’t seem like he intends to do that. We all have to face the consequences of our decisions, and I say this with the utmost respect.” Illa also decided on the referendum that ERC wants to agree, to whom he has responded emphatically “it’s not going to happen”.

“Society is tired division dynamics. There’s no point in insisting. Catalan society, which does not want to further strengthen ties with Spain, is getting smaller and smaller. We must try to find one consensus pointthat’s the path, as it won’t take us very far to participate in divisive dynamics,” he said.

In this sense, he has chosen to seek consensus “that unites us, not that divides us”. “The dynamics of the dialogue are paying off in Catalonia, although it must be opened with the independents, who refuse to do so,” he added. That is why it has chosen to improve self-government.

Finally, and with regard to Castile and Leon plans to force health workers to offer it to women who want it to break down listening to the fetal heartbeat and a 4D ultrasound, has said he received the news with surprise: “You have to respect women and their right to make the decision they see fit. understand, but I don’t, we have to allow them to remove rights,” he concluded.

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Source: EITB


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