“If Vienna was still Vienna” – Waldhäusl outraged by TV migration storytellers


Gottfried Waldhäusl, FPÖ county councilor in Lower Austria, caused a stir with a saying – because according to him “Vienna would still be Vienna” if there were fewer people with a migration background in Austria. Criticism comes in from various quarters.

In the Pulse 4 program “Pro und Contra”, a schoolgirl referred to the migration background of herself and people from her class and emphasized that they would not be in Vienna if Waldhäusl’s ideas about asylum were implemented. The answer: “To the question, if that had already happened, that many people were not in school here: Vienna would still be Vienna.”

Criticism of Tuesday night’s TV performance came from several quarters on Wednesday. “The fact that Waldhäusl denies young people who go to school in Austria the right to exist in front of the camera shows the contempt for people in the FPÖ that makes you shiver,” SPÖ federal director Christian Deutsch said in a broadcast. The Sager must not remain without consequences.

“blatant racism”
SOS fellows made a similar statement. It is unacceptable that a politician responsible for integration “generally denies that students with a migration history can be a positive part of our country or their city,” the broadcast said.

And the NEOS were also outraged. “This is pure racism that the kids had to experience,” pink human rights spokeswoman Stephanie Krisper criticized on Twitter. Waldhäusl would like it if “none of these children with a migration background were in Vienna”. The FPÖ does not see people as individuals, but wishes them away “collectively with hatred”.

Source: Krone


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