“Dirty Methods” – Rendi-Wagner continues: sniper mentality


SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner again increases the number of blows in the dispute with her Burgenland party colleague Hans Peter Doskozil. In connection with the recent skirmish over membership fees, the party leader on Thursday spoke of the governor’s “dirty methods” and accused him of a “sniper mentality”.

Those who thought that Monday’s “ZiB 2” interview could not be surpassed in terms of sharpness, received better instruction on Thursday. Wednesday night’s opaque exchange of blows, whether the SPÖ Burgenland suspends its payments to the federal party, as alleged by federal manager Christian Deutsch, or reluctantly continues, as his Burgenland counterpart Roland Fürst said immediately afterwards, is based on “dirty methods from the governor’s environs,” says Rendi-Wagner.

Massive indictment against Doskozil: ‘Threats and intimidation’
And that’s not all: Doskozil works with “threats and intimidation towards employees, including MPs”, acts “out of the ambush” with a “sniper mentality” known from other parties. But: “Social Democracy is not like other parties.” They will “not succumb to these filthy methods”, “always stand for the workers” and “will not succumb to the party’s destructive attempts”.

Burgenland-SPÖ “outright shocked”
An equally sharp replica from Eisenstadt is likely to be expected in the near future. The day before, state manager Fürst was told via “Krone” that he was “downright shocked” that a private conversation in German about the dues was “now being publicized in such a twisted way”. The payments were by no means stopped, but he “very well pointed out to Deutsch that there had been many critical and indignant reactions from our members and officials”. Sukkus: Why do you need to “co-finance current federal party communications” with your membership dues?

So there was a lot to talk about for the extraordinary party presidency, which had been convened for next Wednesday because of the unprecedented dispute. Doskozil, who has long ceased to be president by his own request, has also announced his arrival.

Source: Krone


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