Climate statements – Nehammer wants to face his critics


Towards the end of internal combustion engines, skepticism about climate catastrophe warnings: With his statements in his “Speech on the Future of the Nation”, Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) received criticism from climate protectionists who wrote him an open letter. Now the ÖVP boss has answered.

Chancellor Karl Nehammer invites the critics of his climate policy for a personal conversation. “I take your concerns seriously. Climate change is a threat, not an invention. And I will not accept the excuse that Austria alone cannot do anything about it. Above all, what we can do is promote our know-how and research and export it to the world. My The goal is for Austria to become the technology leader for a CO2-neutral world. I invite you to participate in that, including in a personal conversation,” the Chancellor writes in response to the open letter to him reported by the “Krone”.

NGOs and ex-Minister of Social Affairs Rudi Anschober (Greens) had asked Nehammer to seek advice from leading Austrian climate scientists.

“Set Against Doomsday Scenarios”
Nehammer assures that the fight against climate change is important to him. “Anyone who denies climate change has not understood it. We are all already seeing the consequences of a changing climate. But anyone who believes that we can only combat climate change by doing without and introducing apocalypse scenarios, or that we stay on the street, has not understood it either. I have resisted these doomsday scenarios and I will continue to do so,” said Nehammer.

Source: Krone


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