Deputies vote – Babler against Doskozil: this is how the party congress works


Hans Peter Doskozil and Andreas Babler compete against each other with speeches. Vienna and Lower Austria make up a large part of the 609 delegates. A fierce quarrel is lurking.

Next Saturday it will be a warm day in the Design Center Linz. At the SPÖ extraordinary party congress, 609 deputies vote on the future party leader. The two candidates – Burgenland’s governor Hans Peter Doskozil and Traiskirchner mayor Andreas Babler – will initially use speeches to solicit the comrades’ votes. Then there is a discussion and the election on the agenda. Given the surprisingly short membership survey in the party, no one dares to make any predictions about the outcome of the vote at this point.

A third votes from Vienna and Lower Austria
Some believe that the Viennese party, which has the most party members and the most deputies (96) (see chart), could take “revenge” against Doskosil. On the other hand, Lower Austria, whose leadership is behind Doskozil, is the second largest group with 84 deputies. The Burgenland sent 28 deputies.

Andreas Babler comes out as a “Marxist”
Either way, the game is gaining momentum. And in the end, it may still be the content that makes the difference. Because Babler will probably cause irritation with a current statement on PULS 24: “I am a Marxist. I’ve been Marxist-oriented since my youth organization.” When asked if Doskozil had approached him with an offer to collaborate, Babler replies: “I didn’t feel there was any attempt to get involved.” Doskozil’s are diametrically different Not only in terms of content, but also structurally.

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