The Basque government approves the project on Tuesday


The Minister of Labor and Employment, Idoia Mendia, announced during the scrutiny session of the Basque Parliament that the law has completed its journey within the executive and will soon reach the Basque Chamber.

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‘s project law of the Basque system of income guarantee and social integration will be approved by the Basque government next Tuesday, as announced by the minister Idoia Mendia under the full control of the Basque Parliament.

The Labor and Employment Minister has said that once her internal journey in the executive is completed and the project is approved, “time will begin to work towards consensus with parliamentary groups”. In anticipation of the bill’s adoption, Mendia has emphasized its intention to work “with all groups that share the need to provide assurance against threats.”

In his words, the new law means “expanding the successful model” of the Basque protection system, “better protection of minors and pensioners, streamlining of procedures, making things easier for those in a situation of exclusion, showing trust in citizens and are strict in the management of public money”.

Mendia stressed that the bill addressed the “numerous” suggestions that allowed it to “improve” the original proposal, “especially those who work with vulnerable peopleHe also stressed that the project “polished” the integration of the minimum income, once transferred to the Basque Autonomous Community.

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Source: EITB


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