Back and forth in party – now Babler can be counted again


He presented himself as a justified loser at the SPÖ party congress on Saturday, but now he is the winner. Due to an explosive “Excel error” by his party, the names were mixed up during the count. Now the future party leader spoke visibly shaken. There should be “no question marks” about the result, he explained – the votes must now be recounted.

He is the surprising man of the Social Democrats – unknown to many, Andreas Babler formed an amazing political movement in just a few weeks. After the fatal failure of the vote count at the party congress, one thing is certain: the mayor of Traiskirchen must lead the party to better times in the future.

Babeler does not want any doubts about the result
With a serious face, the designated party leader now saw the election committee’s turn. This means a repeated count before he takes further steps as party leader. He expects absolute transparency and truth. Babler wanted there to be no doubt as to who emerged as the actual winner on Saturday. “If the result is correct after further and more detailed investigation, I will take over the office and responsibility,” he clarified at the same time.

Would like to work on a “complete comeback of the SPÖ”.
“I want to apologize for the image that parts of the device have given,” Babeler continues. “Today’s low point is painful for everyone involved and I personally feel sorry for everyone – not just the movement, but also Hans Peter Doskozil. Devices in recent weeks, apologies from the bottom of our hearts.”

But he gave his word: “If I take over this party, I and my team will work for the full comeback of social democracy.” in his brief statement.

Switching names resulted in a “wrong” winner
The search for a new party leader in the SPÖ, which was already so miserable, ended in a “technical error” on Saturday. As the head of the party’s internal election committee, Michaela Grubesa, explained, the names were switched in an Excel list – the correctly counted votes were assigned to the wrong name in the overall result. Thus, challenger Andreas Babler could actually claim the most votes at the party congress.

According to Grubesa, a new party congress is not necessary: ​​”In my opinion, the whole process is verifiable,” said Grubesa, who apologized to Doskozil. She took it upon herself that there were no follow-up checks at the party congress. No one on the committee – not even herself – allowed this to happen.

Source: Krone


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