Egiari Zor and EH Bildu sue that the Basque government is delaying the recognition acts for 23J


The Basque government has postponed several events scheduled for June 26, the International Day Against Torture, to “protect them from electoral instrumentalization”. The foundation believes the delay is due to “partisan interests” and EH Bildu finds the delay “obscene”.

The foundation that defends the rights of victims of the State, Egiary Zor, And EH Bildu have denounced that the Basque government has decided to postpone several events scheduled for the week of June 26, International Day Against Tortureclaiming the days could generate “elements for partisan confrontation” following the call for a general election on 23J.

The Executive Branch’s Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policy planned to hold a public and institutional act that day for the symbolic recognition of the recognized victims of torture in the Basque Country. Similarly, and according to the Egiari Zor Foundation in a statement, the Gogora Institute had organized “Week Against Torture” sessions for June 20 and 21. Finally, the Basque Institute of Criminology of the UPV/EHU had planned to present a report on the number of cases of torture in the Basque Country. They have all been postponed.

From the ministry that directs Nerea Melgosa It is explained that the deferral of acts has been carried out for “protecting them from electoral instrumentalization”. He states that they acted similarly with other acts related to memory, including the handing over of the remains of several prisoners who died in the Franco prison in Orduña or the presentation of a book on ETA. The Basque government emphasizes that “progress in the social recognition of these victims requires that they be removed from the electoral confrontation”.

Well the basics Egyptian Zor considers that the reason for delaying these acts “obeys precisely partisan interests which (the Basque government) claims to want to avoid and certainly disregards the pain it causes to the victims it intended to recognize and inflict to recover.” According to him, “if the election campaign started on days close to the date of commemoration and commemoration of the victims of ETA, the events planned for that date would never have been postponed to any date.” The postponement, the foundation insists, is “an act of use that delves into the asymmetric treatment existing between victims depending on the origin of the violence.

In the same line, EH Bildu has described the delay as “obscene”, especially when the executive has tried to justify itself “by appealing to the victims’ self-interest”. The Sovereignist Coalition MP wonders if the government would have dared the same if instead of being a victim of the state, it was a victim of ETA. “We all know the answer is no,” he added. According to Arzuaga, “victims of the state are defended by giving them truth, memory and recognition, not by denying them visibility and recovery.”

Source: EITB


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