Eva-Maria Holzleitner – After the departure of Rendi-Wagner: new strong woman in red


Despite her 30 years, Eva-Maria Holzleitner is experienced and will play an important role in the SPÖ. And after the departure of Pamela Rendi-Wagner, women’s agendas were all the more represented.

In all the turmoil of the past few weeks, there was certainty. Two young ladies would gain power regardless of who ascended the Red Throne. Climate spokeswoman Julia Herr (30) and the equally old female chairwoman Eva-Maria Holzleitner. The latter was inherited in 2021 by Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek and is not yet well known to the general public.

“We need clarity quickly”
The Welsh native and social economist is being traded as a future club boss. “I’m not saying anything about that,” she tells the “Krone”. So far, the decision on who will play what role in Team Babler will be made early next week. “It should be clear soon.” By this she also means the image of her party in general. “The uncertainty of recent years has already taken its toll on everyone,” says Holzleitner.

The deputy federal party leader himself tried to calm the people down. Especially with the older gentlemen in the ring. She would certainly have got along with the beaten Hans Peter Doskosil, and she has a close relationship with the winner Andreas Babler.

“My knees trembled at the vote of no confidence”
“I exchange thoughts with Andi a lot. He knows the importance of women and their concerns. Especially now that Pam is no longer at the top.” She had entered into a power struggle with ex-boss Rendi-Wagner. It is therefore all the more important that women occupy leading positions. Holzleitner has been with the SPÖ since school. And routinely. “Never burst under pressure” – withstands any pressure. It is not always possible to keep cool. “When the no-confidence motion against the Kurz government was tabled, my knees buckled. That was historic.”

The crisis of the SPÖ is also historic. A mighty red trusts her to help them overcome. Doris Bures, Second President of the National Council: “Eva-Maria Holzleitner has shown courage and self-confidence and has arrived. She will use this regardless of her future role. Also in the interests of women.”

Source: Krone


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