Criticism of Nehammer – opposition: “Weakest chancellor in this republic”


The ÖVP officially elected Karl Nehammer as chairman in Graz on Saturday with 100 percent approval from the delegates. Unsurprisingly, the opposition did not praise the chancellor. “Nehammer has completely lost touch with reality. He is clearly the weakest chancellor in this republic,” said Christian Deutsch, head of the SPÖ. FPÖ Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz took the same line: “The election as chairman of the federal party will have been Nehammer’s last electoral success. “

According to Deutsch, Nehammer’s speech at the ÖVP’s federal party conference, which was marked by perseverance slogans, showed “that the chancellor remains only in defense mode against the devastating government balance”. He denies reality as a class of his own and has no plan for Austria, no strategy and no leadership. English: “He just can’t.”

“There is no connection with the people”
As an example, Deutsch cited the government’s “anti-inflation” package, which Nehammer praised: “The chancellor earnestly claims that people will be helped immediately while promoting an energy voucher that people won’t get anything from until next year. This shows that Nehammer has lost all orientation and that he has no connection whatsoever with the people,” says Deutsch.

‘Nehammer throws himself into victim position’
When it comes to corruption, Nehammer acts utterly improbable: “Nehammer claims to have recognized corruption as a problem, but did not say a word about how he intends to solve the corruption problem within the ÖVP,” said Deutsch, continuing: “Instead of if the turquoise swamp of corruption has finally dried up, Nehammer throws himself into a victim position,” the SPÖ federal manager of numerous cases and corruption investigations against high-ranking Turquoise from Vorarlberg reminded the federal party ÖVP in Vienna.

“Austria made all of Europe the laughingstock of foreign policy”
For FPÖ Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz, the record of the newly elected ÖVP boss is appalling. An unelected chancellor who completely failed as interior minister, who had nothing in mind during the Corona crisis but to harass the population with lockdowns and coercive measures, to finally make Austria the laughingstock of all of Europe on the field of foreign policy ”, the FPÖ politicians wrote about the characteristics of the chancellor, whose speech at the party conference of the ÖVP was reminiscent of “news in simple language”.

Schnedlitz: “‘Black to the roots’ no longer changes failure”
The new “Corporate Design of the ÖVP with ‘black to the roots'” does not change Nehammer’s failure. This is probably more or less Nehammer’s only demonstrable achievement in recent years. “If this party, with polls falling rapidly, now talks about not wanting to form a government with the FPÖ, it will ultimately turn out that as a third party it will not be able to find the opportunity to do so.”

Source: Krone


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