Lehendakari Urkullu Appreciates the Management of the European Funds for Recovery May 20, 2022


Lehendakari Urkullu Appreciates the Management of the European Funds for Recovery May 20, 2022

The Lehendakari recalls that, despite the delay in the management of European funds, the Basque Country has the opportunity to encourage the recovery with its own resources and specifies that when the funds arrive, “if they arrive”, the investments will be accelerated .

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De Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has expressed his discomfort with the management of the European Funds for Recovery, although he emphasizes that the Basque Country “has the ability to encourage recovery with own resources”

The assessment came in response to a question asked by MP Carlos Iturgaiz of the People’s Party de Lehendakari this morning during the government audit plenary session in the Basque Parliament for his opinion on the management of the funds by the government of Spain.

The lehendakari has emphasized that the rating of the developed work in Euskadi is positiveand the strategy laid down in the Euskadi NEXT program and the 500 million euro investment plan of the Basque government and the provincial councils is being implemented.

Urkullu has pointed out, yes, that the First Vice President of the Government of Spain has not confirmed the funding of any project. “It has been established that the projects presented by Euskadi are aligned with the PERTE and the financing instruments available to the ministries, although it is true that after seven months we still have not received any funding for the three strategic projects I sent him: advanced therapies, data ecosystem and sustainable mobility”

He pointed out that it has been possible to advance funds for investment and that when the European funds arrive “as they arrive”, investment will be accelerated.

In contrast to the good evaluation of its Executive’s management, the Lehendakari indicated that the MRR (Recovery and Resilience Mechanism) monitoring and management tool has not been completed and that they have not received the follow-up report that allows to taking over the global management of the Funds related to Euskadi. For this reason, he has insisted that “greater agility will be needed in the spending of funds, as only three years are available to commit a total investment of EUR 70 billion.”

He has assured that, according to the stability program itself sent to Brussels by the government of Spain, only 12,187 million has been paid, 23% of what was budgeted for 2021 and 2022.

Iturgaiz has insisted that “complaining is fine”, but “you can’t wait for Sánchez”, and has urged the Lehendakari to seek solutions and take advantage of the regional treasury “overflowing” to take advantage of the Economic Agreement and take measures such as the tax reduction.

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