Rebellion broke out – Dornauer’s girlfriend was suspended from her own party


Alessia Ambrosi wants to reach the top very quickly – and is not squeamish about it: in order to become regional leader of the Fratelli d’Italia, she is attacking the current party leadership hard. This has consequences for the Italian politician and friend of the Tyrolean SPÖ leader Georg Dornauer. But that shouldn’t stop her on her way to the top of the right-wing camp in Italy…

It is simmering within Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli D’Italia (FD), which is classified as ‘post-fascist’. Different camps, paved fronts. The youngest ‘victim’ of the disputes: Alessia Ambrosi, who only switched from the centre-right party Lega to FD in 2021. Although victim is probably the wrong word: Ambrosi, “known for her aggressive, authoritarian and ambitious character,” as the Italian media described her, had spent weeks criticizing her own party line, harshly attacking her own regional party leadership and the resignation of party leader . Alessandro Urzi required. The result: exclusion from the party for two weeks.

And that has consequences for the local politician, who creates publicity with both harsh statements and bikini photos: Ambrosi will probably have to end her candidacy for the provincial chairmanship of the party. The election will take place on February 17, during Ambrose’s suspension.

There is a threat of a split within the party
Her supporters – and Ambrosi has created many of them in the three years she was a party member – suspect ‘sabotage’ behind the exclusion: the only opponent in the upcoming elections is considered a close confidante of the current party leadership, but would probably have little chance against Ambrosi.

If the suspension remains in effect and Ambrosi is excluded from the elections, her supporters could withdraw from the party as a unit. A heavy blow for the Fratelli, who clearly missed the electoral target of 20 percent in the last elections in October 2023 in Trentino and with twelve percent of the votes were more than halved compared to the 2022 elections (25.5 percent).

In the event of a split, Ambrose’s camp would ultimately survive, according to Italian political observers. And continue her path to the top, with a clear warning to all critics: don’t stand in this woman’s way.

Source: Krone


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