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The project is in the final stages of its definition and is expected to be tendered in October. The city council of Vitoria-Gasteiz will hold the general debate on municipal policy between today and tomorrow.

The Mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gorka Urtaran, announced this Thursday the actions to promote in the coming months when there is still one year to go before the end of the parliamentary term. Among them, he put forward that in October the municipal government will activate the hiring to carry out the works first phase of the reform of Los Herrán . street This first intervention has a budget of about 10 million euros and is, according to municipal sources, one of the most ambitious public space works of Gorka Urtaran’s two mandates. During the above-mentioned first phase, the action will serve to green and pedestrian axis along Los Herrán and José Mardonesfrom Avenida Santiago to Monsignor Estenaga.

Between today and tomorrow the General debate on municipal policy in the city council of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the last of the legislature. Today, Thursday, Mayor Gorka Urtaran spoke without a time limit and during his speech he announced, among other things, the actions to be carried out before the municipal elections next year. Tomorrow, Friday, it will be the turn of the opposition groups.

Gorka Urtaran has confirmed that 80% of the planned actions in Masterplan Center has been done or is in progress. Of that plan of 20 actions to date, 16 of the proposals have already been implemented or are being activated: the old Arich office, the Ertza building, San Prudencio 30, the Florida Txoroleku, the Brígidas building, Correos, the Plaza de Santa Bárbara, the area surrounding the Memorial, the Zulueta Palace, the old Goya gas station, the General Alava/Dato building, the Casa Alfaro, the Social Security headquarters in Postas, the plot in José Erbina, the funeral project and the Dato/San Prudencio commercial block.

The mayor has also announced that plan of 2.1 million euros in aid for home renovation (€ 1,100,000) and for soundproofing measures (€ 800,000) in the medieval quarter That same June, the municipal government plans to approve two aid measures: the first aimed at reducing noise from exterior carpentry on houses, with a maximum of 70% of the total investment costs, in those areas of the Medieval helmet that the exceeds the standard by 10 decibels; and a second line of rehabilitation aid in 2022 in Casco Viejo itself.

Following the thread of investment, he has said that the commitment to invest 100 million euros in neighborhoods during this term of officesince, as the mayor reported in the debate, 96.5 million euros would have been invested.

He has also referred to other “fundamental” projects for the future of Vitoria-Gasteiz, such as: funeral and the arrival of the TAV. In this regard, he explained that the drafting of the construction project is already under tender after the renewal of the statutes of the company created for that purpose and after the interinstitutional protocol has been concluded to speed up the deadlines.

in his economic equilibrium so far in this legislature, he has said that the consolidated debt has been reduced by 15 million euros since 2015, from 123.29 to 108.02 million.

In a different order, Gorka Urtaran has emphasized that Vitoria-Gasteiz is and should be a benchmark in terms of environment and mobility.

Solutions for traffic in the south zone

The mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gorka Urtaran, has announced a series of measures aimed at improving traffic flow and safety in the south of the city.

On the one hand, he talked about short-term “surgical” actions aimed at improving traffic throughput times by 30-50% and guaranteeing safety. And secondly, it has announced that it is commissioning an alternative study that will analyze different options to enable the best East-West traffic link across the South.

The mayor started his speech, claiming that Vitoria-Gasteiz was a “European super city” linked to the values ​​of Europe. He indicated that this parliamentary term is characterized by the international context: the pandemic, the supply crisis, the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine. In his view, the city council has had to adapt quickly to the situation and respond to the enormous challenges that have arisen, at the expense of the local agenda.

In this first session, the mayor offered data on the recent evolution of the city in a large number of subjects or sectors. He has referred to the aging of the population with almost 55,000 over-65s (more than 20% of the population), to the decline in the child population, to the downward and constant evolution of the number of crimes, to the new cleaning contract with more resources, the tender for the reform project of the Teatro Principal, the adaptation of the María de Maeztu auditorium to host more and better shows; or to the new educational infrastructures such as the Aldaialde School and the Salburua Institute.

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Source: EITB


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